Jacquemus Spring/Summer 2021

Jacquemus Spring/Summer 2021

Jacquemus presented his SS21 collection entitled “L’Amour” following the first digital Paris Fashion Week Men’s one hour outside the city, bringing us together with our much-loved countryside shot on location by Louise Reinke for Fucking Young!. Somewhat spontaneous, but in a year of surprises, this staging brought a sense of safety among nature, and comfort among the pieces. If anything we have been asking what this new comfort will look like after working from home and wearing hoodies as a uniform. Asking ourselves if we will ever suit up again.

This season replacing lavender fields with wheat set against what I would like to imagine as a romantic sunset hiding behind bewildering clouds. The wheat hues ran throughout the collection along with pale yellows, green, blue, cloudy greys, and medical whites. His structured minimalism has been becoming more relaxed and loose, but I feel different to collared shirts these days as if we are allowing ourselves to hold onto some dignity in the era of social distancing while not abandoning our flip-flops. Little playful touches were found in illustrated doodles and art school embellishments. Like last season, looks like a more tailored cargo pant is becoming a staple along with more maroquinerie accessories styled with little tied carrés. I would love to see more of the gold jewelry on the men, until then, don’t be afraid to be bold and borrow from the ladies!


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