PALOMO SPAIN Spring/Summer 2021

PALOMO SPAIN Spring/Summer 2021

It is clear that the pandemic has affected us all in all areas of our lives and has brought terrible consequences at all levels. However, this hiatus has also led people to reflect on how we treat the world and its industries.

Creative director Alejandro G. Palomo takes these events as a metaphor for the respect we have lost for our origins, for the savoir-faire, and for our planet. Specifically in an industry as remote from reality as that of fashion, where due to the frenetic pace of its calendars and the demands of the capitalist market, it has lost the technique and local artisan work that is slow by nature.

That is why Palomo Spain wants to pay tribute to the splendor of the Haute Couture in the 1950s and 1960s and its great Parisian houses, as a result of the reflection carried out during the industry break and with the aim to reconnect with the essence and the reason why Alejandro G. Palomo began his career in the industry: the passion that the creations of the great masters of the 20th century aroused in him.

We want to inspire the world to slow down processes and invest in quality fashion made in a sustainable and conscious way, both socially and environmentally.

The SS21 The Rehearsal collection has been created following an upcycling philosophy, from archive materials and fabrics that have been given a completely new second life through techniques such as patchwork. It has been developed by a reduced atelier team in record time due to the global context.


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